The SCV/FDA Confederado Exchange Program, after successfully organizing  the visits of 12 Brazilian descendants to Georgia, has been terminated.

The Fraternity of American Descendants, decided that the program reached total success in creating a strong connection between the participants and their families with their Southern heritage, and SCV compatriots in Georgia.

The Brazilian community has also requested we publicly acknowledge our deep gratitude to all Georgia Division members, particularly to the following:


Allen Trapp, Jr.

Daniel and Brenda Coleman

Joel and Kathy Coleman

Gene Harrison and Family

Kermit and Lucy White

Freddie and Regina Parris

Preston Young

Don Newman and Family

Bill Poe and Family


How to Reach Confederate Territory in Brazil
We have received a great number of questions regarding how to get here, where to stay, a other requests from fellow Southerners wishing to visit the area our ancestors chose as their homeland when the Confederacy ended.

Therefore, we are inserting the basic information for those who are planning to visit us in the future, but we request your close attention to the following:

The information provided below is provided in our best intentions, however, it does not mean any explicit or implicit recommendation, does not warrant any parties, nor will the publishers of such information be deemed responsible for any discomfort, damages, or losses incurred in by any individual or party when following the information herein. Travel overseas always is best accomplished with the aid of a professional travel agency of the choice, trust, and best knowledge of the traveler.

Sites deserving visits:

  • The cities of Americana, and Santa Bárbara D'Oeste. These cities, standing a few miles apart, hold the majority of the descendants. The cities also have a number of streets, institutions, and districts named after immigrants and their descendants.
  • The Immigration Museum of Santa Bárbara D'Oeste - A handsomely assembled and kept museum with objects, photos, and the history of the Confederate Immigration to Brazil. Open Thursdays through Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Eventually opens on Sundays, especially when the Fraternity of American Descendants holds meetings, or when the Festa Confederada is held.
  • The Campo Cemetery - The high point of your visit. Located among sprawling fields of sugarcane plantations, it is 8 miles from Americana, and 7 miles from Santa Bárbara D´Oeste - See map in the site. Accessible through unpaved roads. The changing landscape recommends the aid of natives or taxi drivers. Do not forget to take your lunch, and drinking water, or drinks.

Where to stay:

  • Americana has at least three alternatives, but we have been most successful with the Florença Palace Hotel. They take travelers checks, credit cards, and are conveniently located on the avenue that accesses the road to the cemetery. Fares are around US$ 40-50, and bookings can be made directly via the Internet at English is spoken, but be prepared for some guesswork. There is also a new hotel in Santa Bárbara D'Oeste, as an alternative to the others.
  • Travel Agency: There is a travel agency in Americana, that can arrange for group visits. Boarding Pass Viagens e Turismo Ltda., is managed by Debora Lopes Rosado, and can be reached through telephone: +55.19.455.1544, or at

How do I get to the area?

  • The site has a map that gives the relative position of the area related with the city of São Paulo. The best alternative is to fly into São Paulo International Airport (GRU for reservations), and either take a bus (shuttling on direct buses from the Airport to the Tietê Bus Terminal in São Paulo),
  • Renting a car - We must warn foreigners that although recent advances, driving habits here are somewhat different from those in Europe and the US. There are American and domestic rental agencies at the airport, but no automatic transmissions are available - practice your stick shift abilities. In addition to that, if one feels comfortable driving in the outskirts of 17 million-inhabitant megalopolis, take the Bandeirantes Highway out to Piracicaba-Limeira, exit the highway at the Piracicaba – Santa Bárbara D’Oeste road back towards Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, and drive to the cemetery, exiting at the (wrong) Sign Estarad do Barreirinho (the Estrada do Barreirinho was renamed Estrada dos Confederados, but some signs have not been changed yet). The total distance is about 100 miles.



- Fraternidade Descendência Americana will be holding meetings at the Campo Cemetery on the following dates:

- - Second Sunday of January

- Second Sunday of April

- Second Sunday of July

- Second Sunday of October

- Interested in visiting the Campo Cemetery, or the Immigration Museum? Click on the Fraternidade Descendência Americana button, place your mouse pointer on the Flag, and ENTER CONFEDERATE TERRITORY!!! Look at the map and locate yourself from Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport. Welcome, and have a beautiful trip!!!
- Flying in? Here is the GPS exact position of the Campo Cemetery, courtesy of Allison Jones. Contact him at
  S - 22º 48.754'
W- 047º 23.546'   

- Francisco Vieira Daniel, our Historian, has extensive material on the Confederados, including several VHS videos covering many editions of the Festa Confederada, meetings and other related events. Contact him at
- The book on the Confederate Immigration, Soldado Descansa, by Judith MacKnight Jones, published only once in 1968, has new Portuguese limited edition. With over 440 pages, it is the most complete and accurate account of the Southern Immigration to Brazil by someone who really lived the life of a Confederate Immigrant! It is the reference to all who are interested in this unique event of the Confederacy.  The Second Printing brings a reference indexes, and the limited edition is now available. If you want to secure your copy, contact Noêmia Pyles, at

All funds generated by the sale of the Second Reprint will be directed to the maintenance of the Fraternity of American Descendants, and Southern Heritage in Brazil. This is a kind donation of Judith Mac Knight Jones and her family.  

- Do you want more information on the Confederados? Here is a brief bibliography with short remarks on each one. Most of the American titles can be bought at, in the new or used books sections, and several Brazilian Titles can be purchased directly form the FDA. Contact Noêmia Pyles at