SCV Camp #1653 "Os Confederados"

SCV Camp "Os Confederados" #1653 was founded on April 9,1994, with the long-expected presence of Commander-in-Chief Bob Hawkins and Historian-in-Chief John Wells. Contacts of this group of Confederados with the SCV dated back to 1979, thanks to the efforts of Charles Burgess and William D. McCain. Finally the Camp Charter was drafted, and it came into existence. Current officers are:
Daniel Carr De Muzio, Commander and Treasurer
Thomas Steagall, Adjutant
Francisco Vieira Daniel, Historian

The Camp dedicates its efforts to maintaining the Brazilian Confederates' History, keeping liasons and contacts with Confederacy-related entities, and joins Fraternidade DescendÍncia Americana members in flying the Confederate Flag during all possible occasions, defending the Confederate Symbols when they are under fire, and actively taking part in all events related to the entity.
Its members also escort visiting SCV members to the Campo Cemetery and to the Immigration Museum, and do their best to aid fellow Compatriots when visiting Brazil.

They record meetings, events, and important facts.

The Camp's motto is Vincit Omnia Veritas (Truth Conquers all Things).

Current Members

Douglas Thomas Silano
Leslie Endincott Wells
Thomas R. Hargrove
Luiz Henrique Vaughn Ferreira
Josť Frederico Ferreira Padovese
Jo„o Leopoldo Ferreira Padoveze
Antonio Ferreira Padoveze
Samuel Damin Carr De Muzio